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These are some of the professionals that work in Yellow Arrow Group looking to fulfill your needs and requirements in the best possible way:


MARIA E. OTT - Founder
Operations Manager, 
Shanghai, China
Languages: English/Spanish
Maria has lived in China nine years, working in the export/import field and has a profound knowledge of barriers for international sourcing such as cultural differences, working habits, different characters of different nations. Prior to coming to China, Maria worked as a graphic designer and production manager for her own package design company in the USA for 25 years. Giving her a deep understanding of the manufacturing process. Maria is highly appreciated by clients for her professionalism, patience and top customer service. 


Project Manager, Miami, USA

Languages: English / French / Spanish

Francois has extensive professional development in the area of e-commerce, specializing in managing main Marketplaces in the USA, Canada and Mexico, and in business consulting with international experience on projects in Europe and Latin America within the retail sector. He has a long history in activities of direct interaction and customer management. Analytical and organized profile, with good verbal and communication skills, and a strong component of adaptability, flexibility and customer orientation.
Considers himself a problem solver.


Sourcing Manager, Russia

Languages: English/Russian/Ukrainian

Kseniia handles our European sales, specially the CIS countries.

Sourcing Manager, 
Guangzhou, China

Languages: Chinese/English
She has established extensive connections with many suppliers during her work in several Chinese companies and evaluating suppliers on multiple criteria (price, quality, service support, availability, reliability, selection, etc.) is her daily job.

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