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Yellow Arrow Group is structured as your local China buying office and will work with you from design to delivery so that purchasing and manufacturing overseas becomes a simple and seamless process. We are not looking to be just a vendor, in Yellow Arrow Group we will be your partner, friend and best ally. 
Manufacturing at low cost is beneficial when you can also ensure quality, consistency, reliability, and on-time delivery. Our firm has the local in-country experience and relationships to reduce your risks and represent your business interests for manufacturing and importing. 
We can help you to recognize the benefits of low cost manufacturing through our managed services: 


We will look for the best manufacturer you need for your product and offer the most competitive price, quality and delivery time, not only in China, but the rest of Asia which can be very competitive for certain industries.
Once the manufacturer is located, we can provide samples to guarantee the design and quality you are looking for.

For your peace of mind, we will audit factories to check on factory capabilities, production, equipment, certificates and the compliance of International manufacturing standards as well as social and labor laws.

We will control your production from start to finish, delivery schedules and product specifications. For quality control we have at hand International companies specialized in your specific industry to check for quantities, quality and specifications required by you.

We will transport your goods using the best International shipping companies to any port in the world. Based on your budget, and urgency the options could be air or ocean shipment, express delivery, containers, door to door, etc. 

Our shipping agents will take care of all the documentation required to leave customs and we can advise on custom agents in your country.

We can arrange visits to the top tradeshows in China (see our page on fairs), arrange all your accommodations, flights and visits to wholesale markets or factories while you are here.

We can also help you with visa documentation, translations, notarizations, tourism, etc.

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